On Why Less is More

LESS IS MORE. These words of wisdom can be applied to pretty much anything in life. But it is best applied when talking about good design.

Whether you are designing a series of print ads, a business letterhead or  your product’s packaging, adhering to the “less is more” idea is critical because the base of graphic design is communication. If you complicate what you are communicating than your message will never be read and your brand will not be as successful as you dreamed.

You don’t want a potential buyer to pick up your package or read your advertisement and not understand what your brand is saying. Many times I have clients that want to jam as much information into an advertisement as possible, filling every inch of free space. But this creates a design that is overcrowded, confusing, and visually displeasing. Potential customers will in all likelihood pass right over it, because there is no one thing that grabs their attention - it's too much information to process. 

The value of elegant design - well-placed images and text balanced by white space - is that in an ever more media-saturated environment, simplicity is what resonates with consumers. Finding one key phrase or image that will stand out and be memorable is worth 1,000 pages of MORE!